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 The City’s Department of Public Utilities provides the community with water service and wastewater treatment.  The charges for these services are based on volume of water measured by a water meter at each residence.  Water rates are established by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and Wastewater Treatment rates by the City Council.  With the exception of a few high volume customers, bills for water and wastewater treatment are prepared quarterly.  You may not receive your bill at the same time as your friend on the other side of town because the City is divided into three sections for billing purposes.  For example, East Hill customers are billed March, June, September, and December, while West Hill customers are billed February, May, August, and November and South Hill, January, April, July, and October.

The water portion of your bill is comprised of a set quarterly charge based on the size of your meter and a water volume charge.  The volume charge of your bill is calculated using quarterly meter readings taken and measured by cubic feet, billed by hundred cubic feet (CCF).  For comparison purposes, 1 CCF is equal to 748 gallons.  Water volume rates have a tiered rate based on volume.

The public fire protection charge is based on the meter size installed at your residence. This service includes the use of hydrants for fire protection service only and such quantities of water as may be demanded for the purpose of extinguishing fires. This service also includes water used for testing equipment and training personnel.

The storm water fee finances the City’s Storm Water Management Program and compliance with the Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. The fee is based on the amount of runoff that is generated by different land uses within the City.

The recycling fee cover the cost of providing curbside recycling services to single family to four-plex homes. Charges for tri-plex and four-plex homes are billed directly to the property owner unless the property is individually metered. 

The wastewater treatment portion of your bill is comprised of a fixed billing charge and volume charge.  The fixed billing charge is for operation and maintenance and debt service.  The wastewater treatment charge is based on volume registered through the water meter.  

The City of Chippewa Falls automatically calculates a “sprinkling allowance” for most residential properties.  An assumption is made that most residential customers will use water not requiring wastewater treatment in the summer months watering lawns or gardens, washing cars and other outside activities.  The “sprinkling allowance” recognizes the consumption in the first winter quarter is probably average and does not charge for any wastewater usage above that amount the following two summer quarters.  To automatically receive this allowance, the residence must be occupied the full winter quarter.  If not, the utility office can be contacted to arrange an allowance.