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The City of Chippewa Falls purchased the Water Utility from the Railroad Commission in 1920 and formed the Department of Public Utilities. At that time there were 92,255 feet of main and 172 hydrants compared to year-end 2012 with 488,906 feet of main and 835 hydrants. In 1920, 329 million gallons of water were pumped compared to 921 million gallons pumped in 2012.
The City of Chippewa Falls draws its’ water from nine drilled wells located in the West Well field near Tilton Road and the East Well Field near Pumphouse Road. The wells are drilled to a depth between 53’ and 97’ into a sand and gravel drift formation. The City has four elevated tanks ranging in storage size of 500,000 gallons on the South Side and South East Side of the city, a 750,000 tank located on the West Hill and a 1,000,000 gallon tank located on the East Hill. 

The City of Chippewa Falls has developed a Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plan. The goal of WHP planning is to control activities within the Zone Of Contribution to a municipal well to prevent contamination of groundwater. The WHP Plan can be found in Chapter 29 of the Chippewa Falls Code of Ordinance.

The water rates and water operating rules are authorized and reviewed by the State of Wisconsin, Public Service Commission.