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The City of Chippewa Falls Wastewater Treatment Facility is located on the western edge of the city adjacent to the Chippewa River. The purpose of the facility is to remove wastes from the sanitary sewer system waters before discharging the treated water to the Chippewa River. The facility is owned and operated by the City of Chippewa Falls Department of Public Utilities.

The facility provides physical and biological treatment to obtain a “secondary level” of treatment. The treatment plant is designed to treat a flow of 5.6 million gallon per day (MGD), and produce an effluent quality of < 25 mg/l biochemical oxygen demand (BOD),< 30mg/l total suspended solids (TSS) and < 1.3 mg/l total phosphorus (TP).

The wastewater rates are set by the common council. The Wastewater Treatment Plant operating rules are set by the council and can be reviewed in Chapter 13 of the City Ordinances. 

Compliance Maintenance Annual Report