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The City's Department of Public Utilities provides the community with water service and wastewater treatment. The charges for these services along with storm water and recycling charges, with the exception of a few high volume users, are billed quarterly.

These quarterly bills can be paid in one the following manners:

Opt out of paper bills to save resources. We will send you an email each time your bill is ready. Pay immediately, schedule a payment or set up Auto-Pay. FREE services!

Quarterly utility bills are due within 20 days of issuance, normally the 15th of the month. A late payment charge of one percent (1%) will be assessed if not paid within 20 days of issuance. All bills owing and in arrears on October 15 and remaining unpaid on November 1 will have a penalty of 10% added. If such arrears with added penalty, are not paid by November 15, the delinquent amount will be levied as a  tax against the premises in accordance with s.66.0809(3) Wisconsin Statutes.

Failure to receive a bill in no way exempts the consumer from the provisions of these rules.

Direct Payment Service
The Chippewa Falls Public Utilities offers direct payment service for your utility bills.  The system is dependable, flexible, easy and convenient – save time and write fewer checks by making your utility payment directly from your checking or savings account. 
You will no longer have to worry about mailing your payments or about not being able to pay your bills while you are out of town on business or vacation.
Enrollment is as easy as filling out the direct payment form and returning it with your payment or mailing it separately to Chippewa Falls Public Utilities, 30 West Central Street, Room 209, Chippewa Falls, WI  54729.  
You will still receive a quarterly bill with *BANK PMT* noted on the bill. Your payment will be deducted from your account on the due date noted on the bill.  If you have any questions on your bill, please contact us at least 7 days before your due date.