Sensitive Crimes

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The Chippewa Falls Police Department Sensitive Crimes Investigator assists the citizens of Chippewa Falls by conducting professional, objective and complete criminal investigations centered on solving crimes and holding perpetrators accountable. The Sensitive Crimes Investigator is primarily responsible for investigating crimes against children such as physical abuse, sexual abuse and child neglect. Sensitive Crimes Investigator works closely with child protection social workers from the Department of Human Services. Sensitive crime investigation requires special training for the investigating officer who will deal with both the victim and the offender involved. Generally, sexual assaults against women and children, rape, incest, and other unlawful sexual contacts are considered "sensitive crimes" by law enforcement because of the traumatic impact on the physical and emotional well being of the victim.

The goal of our agency is to successfully prosecute those offenders who would prey upon citizens of our community. At the same time, we would like to reach out to victims and inform them of their rights under the law, and provide them an avenue by which to report assaults to the police. This requires an officer to develop a rapport and trust level with the victim in order for the victim to feel comfortable in discussing the incident with the officer.

If you think you are the victim of a Sensitive Crime or would just like additional information into this subject area, please contact the Chippewa Falls Police Department to speak with the Sensitive Crimes Investigator.


Sensitive Crimes Investigator: Drew Zehm

Office: (715)720-4194



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