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Officer Patch in Front of Police Department SquadThe Patrol Division is the largest division within the department and is led by Lieutenant David BeBeau. The Division is responsible for responding to and investigating crimes, identifying and deterring criminal activity, building relationships with community members and businesses, identifying and solving problems, and ensuring that traffic moves safely through the city. The patrol officer is the most visible representative of City government. The Patrol Division is broken down into four shifts.  Each shift consists of three Patrol Officers led by a Patrol Sergeant. Patrol officers work 12 hour shifts and may switch from day shift to night shift during the year. 

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Patrol Officers typically respond to and investigate any criminal activity from the initial call until the case is completed. Major crimes or criminal investigations requiring highly specialized training are referred to the Investigations Division.

The Patrol Division is part of Field Operations which also includes our dedicated Parking Enforcement Officer, our Combined Response Team, and our Honor Guard Team.