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The mission of the planning office is to manage and direct change in the community in accordance with the guidelines established in the 1999
  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  
City Planner Brad Hentschel is responsible for planning related functions including land use analysis, rezoning, plat and site plan reviews, area development plan design and comprehensive plan review, update and implementation.  Many of these matters are addressed in public forum by the Plan Commission, which meets on the first Monday after the first Tuesday of each month. 
  • Downtown Riverfront Plan

We hope that as developers move through the process of site planning that they will consider this office an asset that can provide valuable information on the site planning process. 

Brad Hentschel, Planner
FAX: 715.726.2759
The Planning Office is located on the First Floor of City Hall and the office hours are Monday ~ Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM