Neighborhood Parks

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  1. Adams Park (5.0 acres)
    • Location: Summit Ave (Southside)
    • This site is presently undeveloped and is not used for any specific activities. The five acres is a wooded, natural area.
  2. Alexander McBean Park (0.4 acre) 
    • Location: Marshall St and Grand Ave (East Hill) 
    • This is a small open space with benches for passive recreational activities. Some new playground equipment was installed in Summer 2012.
  3. Alexander Wiley Park (0.4 acre)
    • Location: High St and Spring St
    • This park is located at the corner of High and Spring Streets with benches for passive recreational activities. The Committee for 21st Century buried a two hundred-year capsule at this park in the year 2000, with two hundred items.
  4. Ball and Knight Park (0.3 acre)
    • Loffler Court (West Hill)
    • This is a small area with some play apparatus. New design & equipment were completed in 2000.
  5. Erickson Park (4.4 acres) 
    • Location: Below Glenloch Park and Dam 
    • This land was donated to the City for park purposes. A park plan has a boat landing with good access to Glen Loch.
  6. Frenchtown Park (3.7 acres)
    • Location: Bryant and Herbert St (Southside)
    • Also sometimes referred to as Bryant Park, this park is improved with playground equipment and has ample open space for soccer, Frisbee, playing catch, etc. Plans call for a shelter, parking area, and a picnic area.
  7. Goldsmith Wildlife Refuge (2.6 acres)
    • Allen Park and Notre Dame (Downtown)
    • As a wooded natural area along Duncan Creek, this site is a haven for birds and animals. Here they may live and be observed in a natural environment. The area is undeveloped and should be planned in conjunction with the Riverfront Park Master Plan.
  8. Harmony Park (0.2 acre) 
    • Bridge St (Downtown)
    • This is a downtown, passive-use park used by the Main Street program for Thursday night concerts. At the site is a history of Chippewa Falls and dedication to the Chi-Hi Marching Band.
  9. Hiram S. Allen Park (2.8 acres)
    • Location: S. Bridge St (Downtown)
    • Allen Park is a small downtown leisure area close to Duncan Creek. The park contains a shelter and park benches. Most of the trees have been planted in memory of loved ones. Allen Park should be planned in conjunction with the Riverfront Park Master Plan.
  10. Hurd Park (2.4 acres)
    • Location: Bridgewater Ave (Paste Bridge on left)
    • This is a small, undeveloped, wooded area adjacent to Marshall Park. The owner, who sold it to the City for $1.00, wanted the area to be maintained as a natural, wooded site. 
  11. James W Buchanan Park (1.3 acres)
    • Location: Main St (Southside)
    • This south side playground was renamed in honor of James Buchanan who died shortly after becoming Chippewa Falls' mayor. The park contains playground equipment, a basketball court, and six pickleball courts.
  12. LC Stanley Park (0.3 acre)
    • Location: Terrill and Dwight St (West Hill) 
    • This park was renovated in 1996 with City funds to comply with the National Playground Safety standards.
  13. Mason Park (0.2 acre)
    • Location: High St and Grand Ave (Downtown)
    • The newest public park in the City, Mason Park is located at the corner of High Street and Grand Avenue adjacent to Duncan Creek. Picnic tables are provided at the site.
  14. Simon Lyberg Park (0.2 acre)
    • Location: Garden and Lynn St (Southside)
    • This is a very small park facility with some play apparatus.
  15. Thaddeus Pound Park (1.5 acres)
    • Location: West South Ave (by Chippewa Herald)
    • This park is developed with a youth ball diamond and includes an area with playground equipment.