Casper Park History

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In 1972, the City of Chippewa Falls purchased 49-acres of land for recreational purposes with ORAP and LAWCON funds. The site was originally proposed to be a recreational site with a pond maintained for stormwater retention. The City later found out that Federal regulations do not permit use of the purchased site as a stormwater retention pond. In order to use this natural pond area for stormwater retention, a suitable replacement site had to be provided for the planned Casper Park.

In 2010, the City received a matching grant from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program and purchased approximately two acres of land bordering the northwest corner of Casper Park. There are currently no specific plans for this acreage.

Today, Casper Park is the primary, active outdoor sports facility of the City. The facility boasts four softball fields, five soccer fields, and one baseball field. The softball fields are built to slow-pitch standards, but have portable fencing to accommodate fast pitch. Gannon Baseball Field is built to high school standards and is used by the School District, American Legion, and the Adult Chippewa River League.