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Electrical work in the City of Chippewa Falls is regulated by Chapter 15 of the City of Chippewa Falls municipal ordinances and the State of Wisconsin Electrical Code

Chapter 15 Highlights
  • An electrical permit is required for the installation or alteration of electrical wiring, raceways or other electrical equipment.  
  • Only Contractors licensed by the City of Chippewa Falls as Electrical Contractors may engage in the business of performing electrical work in the City of Chippewa Falls. The code does permit the owner of a single family home to perform electrical work on a single family home that he/she owns and occupies or intends to occupy without licensure.

Electrical Contractor License Application Form 

  • All individuals performing electrical work within the City of Chippewa Falls must be licensed as either a State of Wisconsin Journeyman or Master Electrician, except individuals grandfathered in with a local Journeyman License, who may continue to renew their local license. There are some City of Chippewa Falls Journeyman licenses still "grandfathered" in but no new City Journeyman licenses will be issued. These "grandfathered" license holders may renew each year, but if it lapses, they would then need State Certification to perform electrical work. A State beginner or apprentice may work under the supervision of a State Journeyman or Master. Apprentices indentured in the state inside wiring program need not be licensed. 
  • Licenses are renewed on July 31st of each year. Renewal notices are mailed to License holders about two months prior to expiration. 
  • There are no provisions that allow industrial maintenance personnel to perform electrical work within a facility without proper licensing. 
  • The City has a fire District Downtown restricting wiring method types.
  • The City restricts the use of NM and similar type cables to residential construction.
  • The City has sign and control wiring license categories. Local testing is required.