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Building Permit Required:
As a guideline, a building permit is required to erect, construct, structurally alter, enlarge, wreck or demolish any building or structure in the City of Chippewa Falls except that a permit is not required for minor alterations that do not affect the occupancy, area, structural strength, fire protection, safety, exiting, light or ventilation of the building provided the cost does not exceed $2,000 dollars.

Commercial and Multi-Family Buildings:
With a few exceptions, the City of Chippewa Falls Inspection Department does not review commercial or Multi- family building plans. All new commercial buildings, additions to existing commercial buildings, or alterations to existing commercial buildings are subject to the provisions of the State of Wisconsin Commercial Building Code and in most instances require State Approved Plans prior to issuance of a local building permit. Depending on the size of the building, it may be required that the plans be designed and submitted to the State by a Wisconsin licensed architect or engineer.

It is required that the owner or developer of any property or buildings within the city, submit to the City Inspector/Zoning Administrator all applicable information and plans showing that the proposed use of land and building(s) is in conformance with the provisions of the City Zoning Ordinance and other applicable Ordinances prior to, or at the same time, of application for a building permit. If State approved plans are required it is advisable to have this done prior to submitting the plans for State review. When State Approved plans have been obtained, a building permit may be applied for and one set of State approved plan shall be submitted and remain on file with the Inspection Department.

One and Two Family Dwellings:
The Inspection Department does administer for the State of Wisconsin the review for new one and two family homes. Allow up to two weeks for review and processing of applications. Submittals must include the following:

  1. A completed one and two family uniform building permit application. Note: This is not the local building permit application form found on this website, but is available from the State of WI or may be obtained at the Inspection Department office. 
  2. The appropriate fee. 
  3. A driveway permit (Issued by the Public Works Department). 
  4. Two sets of plans that show: 
    • A plot plan 
    • Floor plans 
    • Elevations 
    • Cross Section 
    • Soil Erosion control plan 
    • Truss Specifications. 
    • Sufficient Data, calculations and information to determine code compliance 
Note: Verify availability of utilities with the Public Works Department.