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Chippewa Falls Fire and Emergency Services Department serves it's citizens from two stations. Each station is staffed 24 hours a day to provide emergency response capabilities.

Station 1

Located at 1301 Chippewa Crossing Boulevard.  Station 1 was opened for business on March 30, 2017.  This station is staffed by a Battalion Chief, Motor Pump Operator and two Firefighter/EMT-Intermediate-Enhanced and one FF-Paramedic. The administrative offices of  the Fire Chief, Fire Secretary and Fire Inspection Department are also located in this building.

Station 1 042517

Station 2

Located in the downtown area at 211 Bay Street, it was constructed in 1950 as part of the City Municipal Services Building.  This station is staffed by a Lieutenant, Motor Pump Operator/EMT-Intermediate and Firefighter/EMT-Intermediate-Enhanced or EMT Paramedic. The building was purchased as part of the Ambulance Service Acquisition of 1990 when the City of Chippewa Falls Fire Department began providing Ambulance Services to the city of Chippewa Falls and townships of Eagle Point, Tilden and Anson.

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Fire Department Apparatus

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