Give a Gift to Save a Life

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Looking for a novel , yet practical gift to give? The Chippewa Falls Fire and Emergency Services suggests you consider giving smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, portable fire extinguishers or portable fire escape ladders to family and friends. Unfortunately many people will not purchase fire safety items for themselves. What better way to show you care. Give a gift to save a life.

When giving a smoke detector, buy the battery operated kind. It only takes a screwdriver and two included screws to install. Maybe even include installation as part of the gift to assure it will be put up immediately. 

When purchasing Carbon monoxide detectors, look for the plug-in models with a battery back up. Many models have a digital readout window which indicates concentrations of carbon monoxide in parts per million.

When purchasing fire extinguishers, get an ABC multi-purpose type. That means it can be used on any small fire to put it out quickly. The 1A -10BC size is a good size for home use. Make sure the recipient reads the label and learns how to use it properly. Extinguishers should be readily accessible in kitchen areas, garages, boats, campers and trailers.

Metal escape ladders are available through your local hardware store. Look for a ladder that is 15 to 20 feet long and light enough for a child to use. Too often people are trapped in a second story room without a safe way down. Store the escape ladder so it is readily available and train with your family in its use.

When purchasing and of these items look for the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) safety testing label.

Why not do yourself a favor and buy one of these gifts for yourself.