Cross Connection Program

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March 16, 2020 -  The Water Department has suspended the residential cross connection control program until further notice due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus Public Health Emergency Proclamation from the Governor.

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City of Chippewa Falls Cross Connection Program

DNR Regulation NR810.15 requires the City to develop and implement a comprehensive control program for the elimination of all existing cross –connections and prevention of all future cross-connections. DNR NR810.15 requires a visual inspection of every building in the City to ensure that contaminated or polluted water cannot backflow into clean drinking water.

The City of Chippewa Falls has contracted with Hydro Designs, Inc. (HDI) to assist in managing the program. HDI will perform the initial inspections of commercial, industrial and public buildings throughout the next two years. City Water personnel will perform residential inspections. HDI and City personnel will make recommendations for the installation of backflow prevention devices or assemblies where necessary. Inspections will be required after the proper devices are installed.

In most case, the meter will be exchanged in residential properties at the same time as the cross connection inspection as required by state statute.

Program Overview

Residential Cross Connection

Commercial Cross Connection

Common Devices and Corrective Action

EPA Cross Connection Guide

HDI Cross Connection Information