The City of Chippewa Falls contracts with Bowmar Appraisal, Inc., to perform statutory assessor duties for the City. Bowmar staff are available by appointment to meet with citizens and property owners. Anyone who needs to see the assessor should contact the Assessor's office at the number below to schedule an appointment. 


 City Assessor: Bowmar Appraisal, Inc.

4330 Golf Terrace, Suite 208

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Phone: 715-835-1141


Board of Review

Notice of Adjourned Meeting

City of Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County

The Board of Review, having met on the 2nd day of June 2020 at City Hall, 30 W Central Street, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for the purpose of calling the Board of Review into session during the 45-day period beginning on the 4th Monday of April, pursuant to Wis. Stat. §70.47(1), is hereby providing notice, as allowed under Wis. Stat. §70.47(3)(aL)2, that the board voted to adjourn until the 30th day of September, 2020 at 9:00 am due to the current public health crisis related to COVID-19.

 Additional notice of the reconvened Board of Review, as required under Wis. Stat. §70.47(2), will be provided in advance of the meeting.

 Notice is hereby given this 2nd day of June, 2020 by:

Bridget Givens, City Clerk


As required by state law, the City of Chippewa Falls will be undergoing a full exterior revaluation of every property. What is an exterior revaluation? An exterior revaluation is a complete and thorough exterior review of all residential property. The assessor WILL NOT ask for entry into your property unless you ask them to review the interior. Both the lot and improvements are externally reviewed. All assessed values are examined, and adjustments are made where necessary to assure that all property is assessed at market value. The purpose of the revaluation is to create equitable and uniform assessments in accordance with state statutes.

 How is a revaluation done?

Lot sizes and attributes such as traffic and location are verified; positive and negative influences are noted. Lot sizes and land sales are analyzed and land values may be adjusted. The appraiser will go door to door to every owner of property requesting to review the exterior property features.

After all inspections are completed, each property is assessed equitably at fair market value with other properties in the neighborhood. Land values are based upon lot size, shape and location within the neighborhood. Houses are valued based upon their size, age, quality, condition, and location within the neighborhood. Other features that affect value include number of bathrooms, kitchen remodeling, basement and attic finish, central air conditioning, type of exterior siding, garages, porches, and decks. All land and improvement values are based upon recent sales.

 Do I have to allow the Assessor to inspect my property?

To ensure fair and equitable assessments, we encourage property owners to allow the appraiser to inspect the property.

 •    While inspecting your property, Assessor's Office staff will follow the provisions of WI Stats. Sec. 943.13 and 943.15, which allow access to land and construction sites if all the following conditions are met:

 1.  The assessor or the assessor's staff enters the property to make an assessment on behalf of the state or a political subdivision.

2.  The assessor or assessor's staff enters the property on a weekday during daylight hours, or at another time as agreed upon with the land owner.

3.  The assessor or assessor's staff spends no more than one hour on the property.

4.   The assessor or assessor's staff does not open doors, enter through open doors, or peer into windows of structures on the property.

5.  The assessor or the assessor's staff leaves in a prominent place on the principal building on the property, or on the land if there is not a principal building, a door hanger informing the owner or occupant that the assessor or the assessor's staff entered the land and giving information on how to contact the assessor.

6.  The assessor or the assessor's staff has not personally received a notice from the owner or occupant, either orally or in writing, not to enter or remain on the premises.

When do I get my new assessment?

Assessment notices will be mailed in late summer to early fall of 2020 to every property owner whose assessment changed from the prior year.

What are my appeal rights?

Property owners who think that their property is not assessed at fair market value are encouraged to call or visit their appraiser during the Open Book period listed on the assessment notice.  At that time, a formal objection to the assessment may be filed.

 How will I know if the person at my door is authorized by the city?

Our Assessor is Bowmar Appraisal, Inc. out of Eau Claire. Assessors will be going property to property doing an exterior review and taking pictures of the property. They will have a letter authorizing them to work on behalf of the city and a name badge identifying them.  If you have concerns about the person at your door, please call City Hall or Bowmar Appraisal and we will be happy to assist you.

Where can I get more information?

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